Thursday, October 1, 2009


Ok so if u've noticed I only recently re-started blogging , and as I was going through my old posts and the comments I recieved , I found a comment from my friend's husband about 2 years ago , who only knew each other about a year ago! It really gave me goose-bumps..
and it was really weird! Considering the fact that I don't even know him , and now he's married to one of my best friends! Sub7an Allah..
God bless You Laila and Husam and grant you happiness and joy in ur life together :)

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I Love my friends, and I really miss them!
So if you're a friend of mine and read this , I just want you to know..

Remember when we wanted to change the world? What happened to that??

So , it's been a while since i last blogged. And my last post was obviously written when i was kinda depressed. But no more blue days -I hope! :)
I graduated about 3 months ago Al 7amdulellah, and now I'm an intern..although i don't actually do alot of things , we mostly do paperwork.
So now comes the -what's next part. During my final exams which was in the may-june period , I beleive I had alot of hopes and expectations on how my life would be after I graduate. It was like, I had this feeling , that what's holding me back from actually changing the world is this degree/certificate that I have to get..
After graduating though , I found out that it's just -bullshit.
There's no such thnig as "I'm waiting for something to happen as soon as I'm over with this".. it's not a feeling of regret , because i don't regret it , it's like I'm awakened again..I've been in this dream/nightmare for six years and now im awakened, with an MD degree!
I had lots of hopes, lots of plans.. but one way or another nothing is working - or maybe I'm not trying hard enough. I NEED SOMETHING NEW.
And I will change the world. One day Insha'Allah.

Friday, March 6, 2009

What scares you most?

I' afraid. Scared. From what, or who? I don't know.
The future I guess. I'm standing at a cross roads and i have absolutely no idea where to go. Maybe I'll just flip a coin and see where it will lead me to. You gonna say : well talk to a freind.
I never oppened up to anyone. I mean REALLY open up. I noticed that today. Looking back, I had so many good freinds, but not ONCE I REALLY opened my heart for one of them. I think I have problems with trusting people. It's funny how my freinds trust me, i mean they could bet their lives on me, but I never trusted anyone - enough.
I wish i knew who i really am. Im sick of being so immature , while evryone around me , same age as mine, are reaching way high levels of maturity, and im just stuck here in the stupid immature me. im freakin 23, and i cant make my own decisions. so hesitant ain every single decision.
And im really boring. I mean God help who ever I may marry one day. That is if I ever will. I have problems with being close to someone. I run away when i notice that someone likes me. Even if i like that person back , i can't help but runaway. what is freakin wrong with me? I want attention , and when i get it, i flee. Insecurity? Yea I guess.
I've put myself on pause for so long. But not anymore. Will be a yes-person from now on.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Hijabi Cabbie: Jerusalem's Hottes Taxi Driver

This Article is quiet interesting..

I really liked it..
Living in such circumstances as those of Jeusalem's it is a great accomplishment to have at least a REGULAR job,not to mention being SUCCESSFUL in it as well.
I do agree that being a muslim might have stood in her way , NOT because of the fact of being a muslim as such , but the fact that she broke all the rules PEOPLE made on their own to judge other people.

Hats off to Mrs.Bahr..

I wish I was in Jerusalem at the moment , I wud've probably had the chance to meet her!

7agara bagara..

Hmmm..Now I actually need a new phone..

I have a couple choices:

- Either to buy an imate "which i really need" , which is really confusing cuz lots of ppl had trouble with imate's software and such stuff

-Or , i can buy a kinda not-so-expensive phone and a descent PDA as Dell or HP..

or i can just buy a really good phone and forget about the pda..

So i was thinking:
Sony ericsson w580i


Sony ericsson s5ooi


imate JASJAM

So what do u think ppl? Especially with the imate?

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

How to Sneak Candy Into Your Room..

According to WikiHow , this is the best way to sneak candy into ur room! Oh my god , who would even want to now how to sneak candy into his room , there is 100000 and 1 ways to sneak candy!

- Steps :

  • Go downstairs and complain that your throat hurts. Ask if you can take some water up to your room.
  • Grab a big cup that isn't transparent and run some water.
  • Quickly put the candy in the cup and stuff it until it's full.
  • Hold the cup by the top to keep anyone from seeing its contents.
  • Walk calmly past your parents, then up to your room. Enjoy the candy! (lol , even tells how to fake it!)

- Tips:

  • Don't move too fast past your parents. If you run, they'll probably know something's up.
  • If your parents ask to see the cup, just tell them you're sick and you need to go lie down.
  • Depending on the type of candy, you can actually fill the cup with water (just make sure you jam the candy in so it doesn't float to the top). Keep your hand over it, but if the need presents itself, you can "accidentally" slosh some of the water out, to show what's really in there. Plus, if the cup really has water in it you'll be more careful with it, making a more convincing look.
  • If its possible to trick your parents into going outside then do so, and help yourself to the mouth watering candy.
  • It is a good idea to buy your own candy if there is not a lot in your house parents might notice that there are some things missing.

-Warnings :

  • Do not use a see through cup. (uh...duh!)
  • This will not work if there isn't any candy in your house. (really?!!!)
  • Remember to brush and floss your teeth.
  • Candy attracts ants and cockroaches, which is the primary reason candy usually isn't allowed in rooms anyway.
  • Sneaking candy isn't always a good idea, as it's harder to enjoy it when you're anxious about being caught
    when you have wrapping paper on the candy it is a good idea to put it in the garbage and then put tissue paper over it or something that covers it up so it can only be found if they are really looking for it .

This is hilarious ! Also check out How to enjoy a snickers!!!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Me , Myself and I..

I feel like crying so bad..
God I so miss them..I can't do this on my own..
It's just too hard , I dont want to grow up..

Monday, July 16, 2007

Why women drive with two hands and men with only one ??

This article was pretty interesting. Though I don't really agree with it , as myself , I drive with one hand , or most accurately 2 fingers!
I'm not going to start the whole women-shouldn't-drive-men-are-the-best topic, but I have one thing to say that is killing me. Why is it always a matter of racing/showing-off for guys when it comes to driving? I'm using my car to get where I want and not to race whoever comesup in front of me. Just get out of the house 5 minutes earlier and spare us all the misery!
What makes it worse is the traffic jam,I mean, really, soon something bad is going to happen if they didnt come up with some magical solution. Maybe they should limit each family with one car.Ughhh I hate traffic jams , ....and I hate parking lots in uni :( I never find a spot , it's becoming really bad , and still they are going to build some mall next to the main library instead of the parking lot. The "3uloom" area needs a a huge parking lot just like the one in Tarbeyeh.

Speaking of which , I started not using my car so often as a step against global warming. It's really sad if you think how it maybe after 10 years. So I walk whenever I can, use less electricity around the house and started using neon bulbs instead of the usual ones . My bro was like "ya 3ammi ma r7 tefre2" , bs well if everybody said that then it deffinetly ma r7 tefre2. Hopefuly everyone can make some change in his life bcuz it makes a difference for sure.

Now that was such a variety of thoughts. Ya allah my brain is so....dead :( Been onhold for too long...

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Green Tea

Some people say it tastes like...grass. Well lipton's green tea does , but other brands taste really...refreshing I would say. It's like a treat on a boaring afternoon after a big meal on lunch. Absolutely refreshing.

So summer is here , nice weather , clear skies , very hot sun. As growing in saudi arabia I'm used to the sun , but I adore the kinda-cool-windy weather. Nothing to do still.

So my daily routine is to wake up at 7 ,take a shower and go to uni , attend the prediatrics seminar at 8 , round in the floor at 9 till...well perhaps 11:30 , then sit in the cafeteria forever to wait for the 2:30 seminar , which no one shows up to , and then go back home at 4 as a zombie. A friend would call saying "Heeeeeeey...weeeneeek....esht2teleekkkkk..bdi ashofikkk" and I go like "Heh , well I'm partially dead plus I have to be home at 8 just before dark so , I guess I will see you next weekend!" . Man , I became a very socially-lazy person. People got used to me saying "Oh , sorry can't make it" and I really hate it when it happens , but really , 3'asbn 3anni.

Eh well , all can b e done laterz.